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A light-skinned, blonde-haired woman seated on a couch, holds a pump and gauge in her right hand that is connected to an Aero-Wrap compression therapy device on her lower right leg

Game-changing compression therapy with Aero-Wrap.


Increase your quality of life and help wounds and venous leg ulcers heal faster.

At Alpha Wound Care, we know treating venous and lymphatic disease can be challenging. That is why we partner with Sun Scientific to bring patients the most advanced treatment with Aero-Wrap compression therapy. 

Already using Aero-Wrap®?

Aero-Wrap® is patient-friendly.

Unlike other compression therapy treatments, Aero-Wrap and the next- level-up Aero-DVx allow you to quickly and consistentely get the exact level and type of compression you need all day. 

Easily adjustable, comfortable, and completely mobile all day. 

Medium-dark skinned man wearing casual denim shirt and rolled up shorts, showing compression wraps from knees down to sneakers.
A velcrom closure with medium size indicated and  Sun Scientificlogo

Hook-and-loop wrap closure

A small valve attacted to the outside of an Aero-wrap compression wrap

Revolutionary air compression with safety valve

Light-skinned hands hold a pump connected to an Aero-Wrap compression device around a woman's left leg

Form-fitted for superior comfort

Why We Use Aero-Wrap


Aero-Wrap and the advanced Aero-DVx provides consistent, easy-to-adjust compression therapy that helps you follow your treatment course from home with fewer office visits.


Our patients report:

Feather positioned horizontally and with a concave curve

Legs feel lighter

Person walking to the right

Increased Mobility

Downward, decreasing arrow

Experience miminal


Foot and ankle with squiggly lines indicating pain

Reduces discomfort

Additionally, we find less ulcerations on legs and fewer skin manifestations, such as hyperpigmentation, lymphorrhea and papillomatosis. 

Aero-Wrap® products we use
at Alpha Wound Care

Full compression toes to knee

Aero-Wrap Logo

Inflated foot portion

Maximum compression

Aero-Wrap Flex Logo

Ankle to knee compression

Elastic foot compression

Maximum mobility

Aero DVx logo

All the benefits of Aero-Wrap®

Mobile, battery-operated intermittent pump for dual compression therapy

Static compression when active and dynamic compression when at rest

The back of the leg showings veins in the calf and indicating the flow of blood in mutliple directions

Without compression therapy

The back of the leg showings veins in the calf and indicating the flow of blood in an upward directions

With compression therapy

Veins and lymphatics in your legs return blood against gravity back to the heart. The muscles in the calf play an important role in this process as they are the main mechanism of squeezing your veins and pushing fluid back up into circulation. 

Over time, factors like age, genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle can lead to valve damage causing backflow and venous hypertension. 

When the calf is unable to compensate, symptoms of swelling and heaviness develop. Some patients may develop leg sores (venous ulcers).

How To Use Aero-Wrap


Easy To Apply


Flexible & Discreet

Adjustable Pressure



A seated, light-skinned woman wraps  Aero-wrap compression therapy device around her left leg

Aero-Wrap can be worn over the included comfort liner or with your favorite socks/liners. Hook-and-Loop straps simply attach for easy application.



Light-skinned hand holds a manual pump and gauge connected to an Aero-Wrap compression therapy device on lower left leg

Use the AeroGauge Hand Pump for static compression therapy. A few gentle squeezes and three compression settings allow you to dial-in the exact level of compression you need. 



A light-skinned, older woman in blue top and black pants sits on a stool with an Aero-Wrap compression therapy device on her lower left leg

As you go about your day, the air-inflated wrap controls swelling and supports muscle function to prevent fluid from pooling in the affected area.

Aero-Wrap logo

Watch the video

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Aero Wrap Flex logo

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Aero DVx logo

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