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Marcus F. Yarbrough MD, CWSP

Dr. Marcus F. Yarbrough, MD, CWSP


Our group, Alpha Wound Care Solutions and Wellness was founded by Marcus F. Yarbrough, MD. UHM/CWS-P.  Dr. Yarbrough became interested in burn and wound care after training at Howard University Hospital in General Surgery and found that there was a high need for integrating wound care with advanced therapies in burn patients.  After residency training, he completed fellowships in Burn and Critical care in Philadelphia as well as Burn and Plastics at Long Island Plastic Surgery Group in Long Island, NY. Dr. Yarbrough completed his Board certification in wound care as well as attaining certification in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.   

Dr. Yarbrough is an active presenter and participant in yearly wound and burn conferences throughout the United States as well as a Physician Bureau speaker for Kerecis.  Dr. Yarbrough has several published articles to his accolades and is a member of the following associations:

  • Medical Society of Virginia, National Medical 

  • American Medical Association

  • American Burn Association

  • American College of Surgeons- Fellow

  • American Professional Wound Care Association

  • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

  • Wound Healing Society

  • Association for Advancement of Wound Care


Dr. Yarbrough envisions that the future of Alpha Wound Care Solutions and Wellness encompasses growth and education of providers who believe in practicing advanced wound and burn care and hopes to bring this vision to the local community level in order to bring to light the need for patient advocacy and care in this patient population.


Medical School -Ross University School of Medicine. 

Residency Training- Howard University General Surgery

Fellowship NUMC- Burn and Wound Care

Fellowship Crozer Regional Burn Center-Burn and Wound Care

Dr. Marcus F. Yarbrough
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